MURDER ON THE UNDERGROUND EXPRESS ?? – Online Immersive Murder Mystery Session ?

Freshers 2020 & TheWhoDunnit Presents: MURDER ON THE UNDERGROUND EXPRESS ??
An ONLINE IMMERSIVE Murder Mystery Taking Place This Friday at 8:45PM (GMT)
Are You Ready To Find The Killer ?

Come one come all, as we bring you a spectacular live role play Murder Mystery this weekend during lockdown; hosted by WHODUNNIT the premier Online Murder Mystery hosts in London; get ready to become Sherlock Holmes (or someone similar) On the hunt for a killer around London’s Notorious Underground! 

The Murder Mystery is for all students and their friends to enjoy; and is at a discounted rate to keep it friendly on the pocket! 

Rest Assure that the show has hundreds of 5* Reviews from people who love a murder mystery and Time Out Featured it as one of the top things to do online in the last lockdown! 

?The Story & Murder:

Self-made millionaire, Langdon Park was killed during the inaugural outing of his new underground train the “Express Line”.  

Only guests of the victim were present at this private opening ceremony. 

The metropolitan police have called on the services of the world-famous detective for hire Reynard Gull to investigate the murder. His initial investigation has narrowed the suspects down to four possible culprits.

Mr Warren Street 
Mrs May de Vale
Sir Russel Square
Miss Dollis Hill

As a guest aboard the Underground Express, you are cordially invited (and legally required) to attend an evening of investigation and revelations with the renowned Reyard Gull. 

Join him in this interactive virtual murder mystery as you examine the evidence, question the accused and try to uncover the sinister truth of who indeed dunnit!


To Play the Game you need to purchase a £5 Ticket (thats 60% Off Normal Prices just for Students) and make sure you leave your info so that we can send you your personalised online link. When booking, if you have friends/Halls Mates doing so too and you want them to join your Games Room make sure you leave us a note or contact us after (OR when making your username make sure you change your name to somthing similar and we can pair you guys, for example Tommy Unite Stratford and Priya Unite Stratford). 

To Take Part you need to use a Laptop/or Computer with access to the internet, Phones work too but we recommend a desktop/laptop with camera. 

Tickets Can be purchased at 



* What does my ticket include?
Each ticket grants 1 person access to this interactive virtual murder mystery experience. 

* Can I book this experience for a private group? 
Yes, we take private bookings for groups of over 10 people. Please get in touch on

* What time should I get there? Guests should be logged in and ready to begin the experience 15 minutes before the scheduled start time on the ticket. We have allocated a wait time of 5 minutes before the experience begins. Any guests arriving / or joining the session after this period will not be able to access the experience. 

* How does this all work? This experience is hosted using an online app. Guests are to download the app prior to the start of the experience. You are able to access the app via both a computer and a tablet. 1 hour before your scheduled start time you will be sent a pack containing all the evidence needed to solve the crime as well as a private link to access the session. You will also receive a reminder 1 hour before the experience begins.


Murder On The Underground (ONLINE EVENT) London