Milkshake Online Reps!

A Fresher in London this September? Maybe a returning 2nd or 3rd year student? Or just someone with time on their hands?! Well Earn Some easy money in Lockdown from your bedroom now as a Fatsoma Rep with Milkshake (Learn more about Milkshake here:

You can earn ££££ right from your bedroom and gain free event tickets & bonuses too! How exactly do you do this you may ask?!

The idea is, you create an online rep account following the guide below, post the event(s) around social media (or anywhere online you think’s appropriate!) get your new uni friends involved, invite your old friends, and everyone who buys a ticket from your link YOU WILL EARN MONEY FROM! On how to get set up, see below, or if you’re already set up scroll down to no.5 for extra incentives!

First of all, go on
– register an account on the website. It might be easier to register by simply logging into Facebook via the Fatsoma website. After you’re all logged onto Fatsoma, follow the following steps:

1. Request to rep – Go to
Here you will have the option (below our brand details on the left hand side) to click ‘Become a rep’ Once you have clicked the request, we get an email at our end notifying us of this, and then we accept.

2. The Rep Tab!
Once we have accepted (Just refresh the page as we do it instantly!) on your account you will have a ‘REP’ Tab, which is titled at the top of the screen. Click this, and you will see a list of events. Click on the desired event you wish to rep (our launch event on the 29th is a great one!), and you will see a copyable link thats unique to you! (Click here:

3. Promote your links!
Fatsoma generates a unique link that is personal to yourself, so when your friends or anyone clicks on that link it goes straight to the event you are promoting for. So when anyone purchase tickets via your unique link the commission will go straight to your own account. You can post or send your unique rep links to your friends, or in Facebook groups, events, whatsapp chats, messenger chats, quite simply anywhere you think people may be that want tickets to the best Freshers events in London!

3. Track your sales!
Login into your fatsoma account and click on the rep tab on the top left hand side of the page and there will be live updates of who has clicked on your rep link and your sale numbers on your dashboard, for each ticket sold you will receive commission.

4. Withdraw your money!
Your money is stored online and becomes available for withdrawal to your bank account three days after the event. Just login to your rep dashboard and go to the finance tab to withdraw to your personal bank.

5. EXTRA Incentives & £ Give Aways!*

So, as you’ve read, it’s easy to get set up and crack on, but at Milkshake we have some extra incentives for you!

Sell 15 tickets and you can claim a FREE ticket to a Milkshake Event**
– Sell 50 tickets and you can claim a FREE Milkshake T Shirt & a Free Ticket***
– Sell 110 tickets and you can claim a £100 Bonus on-top of your commission!
– BONUS Sell JUST 5 tickets and you will be entered into our weekly prize draw where we pick 1 rep to win 2 x Tickets & a £25 Gift!

– To claim any incentives above, simply screen shot your sales tally and send it in to: along with your contact details!

SO What are you waiting for?! Get Started NOW! Some reps have made over £250 (without bonuses) from the freshers period online in previous years!

If you have ANY Questions AT ALL feel free to contact us on or message our Facebook page!

* All Freshers incentives must be claimed by October 19th 2023
** Whilst Stocks Last on Certain Events, we will always have tickets for events, just some sell out quicker than others!
*** Whilst sizes & stocks last, we only have limited numbers of certain sizes!